My Abuelito, My Abuelito Querido


  Lelo, who is always working at the hospital or at the farm.  Lelo, who at 81 years still does surgeries, every week.  Lelo, who have had three open-heart surgeries in 80 years.  Lelo, who still refuses to stop driving, unless he is going to the farm.  Lelo, who works from Monday to Friday, and spends his weekends at the farm, every single weekend, no exception.  Lelo, who now walks slowly, and still gets tired.

     “Estoy en el hospital con Lelo, está enfermo,” my mom texted me, while I was at school. “Pero que le paso?” I texted my mom and dad.  

     Lelo, who raised my father and uncle alone, because my grandma died when he was 37.  My father was three, and my uncle was four.  Because losing my grandmother wasn’t enough, he had to get open – heart surgery when my dad and uncle were young, probably teenagers.

     Lelo, who entered with my mom to the operating room when I was about to be born.  Lelo, who was the first person to carry me, because my dad was in Chile.  Lelo, who a few months after I was born, his heart stopped again; taking him to have  second open – heart surgery.  

     Lelo, who was in a very important hospital for me, and my family.  The hospital in which there is a conference room with the name of my grandmother, to honor her.  Lelo, who after attending a patient in the Hospital Santo Tomas, his heart missed again.  By this time, a third open – heart surgery, my brave, hard worker abuelo, with three open heart surgeries.

     Lelo, who was going to travel with me for carnivals.  Lelo, whose heart held him back again when we were going to travel.  Lelo, who now has a major heart structure deteriorated, my abuelo, with a heart structure deteriorated, even that sounds alarming. I can remember this moment perfectly, it was a normal Thursday night, or so I thought. My dad was doing a surgery, I texted him: “Puedo ir a casa de Maria Jose mañana?,” I asked.  He answered immediately, “No.”  Just like that, with no explanation. I couldn’t understand why?, what was the problem?.  The next morning, while I was getting ready for school, I asked him again: “Puedo ir a casa de Maria Jose.” Same answer: “No…”  Then he explained: “quiero que vayas a pasar tiempo con Lelo.”  I knew Lelo was at the hospital, but I didn’t knew why was my Dad so desperate.  “Lelo tiene una estructura importante del corazón muy deteriorada, pero que podemos hacer, ya está mayor, con tres cirugías de corazón abierto,” my dad said, with watery, red eyes.  “Y no se puede hacer alguna cirugía o tratamiento?” I asked.  My dad explained to me, there’s no medicine, surgery, or treatment to fix my abuelito’s heart.  “Quiero que pases todo el tiempo posible con Lelo, en cualquier momento se nos va.”  That was all I needed to start crying, crying like a river without control.

     “Ahora viviré hasta los 105 años,” mi abuelito querido used to say after his third open- heart surgery.  Now I notice, that since the moment my dad told him that he had a major heart structure deteriorated, I had never heard him say it again.


The Greencorn, A Real Creature Or Just A Legend?

There we were, in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is a place known for its culture and is  rich in mythology. We were two confused explorers on a scavenger hunt for the best known mythological creature of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the “Greencorn.” There are many testimonies and witnesses who had seen the Greencorn; however, there is not proof of its existence. Many people believe that this amazing creature lives here in Bosnia -Herzegovina, while many other people think  it is nothing more than a legend. Our mission is to find the Greencorn, catch it,  and show it to the world in order to prove its existence.

      After four hours of trekking for the Greencorn,  we gave up. We were hungry and tired, so we decided to look for a restaurant in which we could try the authentic delicacies from the  country.  After walking a long distance, we finally found the restaurant. We were so tired that it seemed like a figment.  We entered rapidly, we were so hungry that we could eat anything, or at least that is what we thought.  When we got in, we were surprised, there wasn’t absolutely any customer at the restaurant besides us two and the waiter. Despite the solitude in the restaurant, we decided to stay because we knew that we wouldn’t find any other restaurant nearby.

When the waiter came to take our orders, we decided to try a little bit of every plate because we didn’t knew how the Bosnian food would taste.  The waiter was surprised of the amount of food we ordered, but without hesitating, he went into the kitchen to place order.

After about thirty minutes later, our food finally arrived.  Every plate was unique and delicious.  Even though we ordered ten different plates, we devour everything.  After we finish  eating, we ordered a Bosnian dessert.  It was delicious, but while we were eating it, something unexpected happened.

We were calmly enjoying the dessert until we saw something rare flying in the sky, it was the Greencorn.  We played close attention to the creature and when we were sure it was the Greencorn, we took our camera and capture the Greencorn doing ungainly movements.  We were fascinated by the creature, but specially because of its green plumage.  In all of a sudden, we were vulnerable of attack.  The Greencorn was a predatory creature doing ungainly movements towards the restaurant we were eating in.  In that moment, we left the dessert, our priority was to get in a closed area and free of a possible attack.  After about fifteen minutes, the Greencorn flee away and we were safe again.

After the attack, we send the pictures of the Greencorn attack to local and international news.  Even if some people still think this is just a legend and make derogatory comments saying this is photoshop, we know that this dangerous and astute creature is real.